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lj has been such a little bitch lately, I'm moving my archive to AO3. Thank god for the bigger word limit there
Main writing fandom: jrock bands, Inception, Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy
Main reading fandoms: Harry Potter, Supernatural, Generation Kill, The Losers, CW actor RPS, Joss verse
All the fics here are complete
What it says on the tinCollapse )


Prompts at TTSS kink meme

Just a note to myself, HOPING to fill at least some of them, I'll add things along as new prompts pop up

let's dig the hole a bit deeper...Collapse )


The hobbit kink meme

just a little note for myself, certain prompts that caught my eye in the hobbit kink meme:
special hell awaitsCollapse )

I'm going to be updating on AO3 rather than LJ, just because it's easier when it comes to editing small bits.


I miss the TTSS fandom terribly.

It was a baby fandom that never really took off. But we had so many brilliant authors, every time a new fic popped up on AO3, the level of writing never failed to amaze me. Especially now I’ve participated in a few popular fandoms. Quantity=/=quality.

Sincerely hope we don’t have to wait until the release of ‘Smiley’s people’ to get a new influx of stories


two songs that managed to unlock my writer's block this time, 'New York, New York' from the movie Shameless, and 'Love of the loveless'. I've uploaded the mp3s if anyone wants a listen

The one lasting memory Ricki has of his mother is the thick fall of her blond curls, brushing against his forehead as she tucks the duvet in.  

New York, New YorkCollapse )


I wrote this chapter while listenng to one of the soundtrack from the film 'tinker tailor soldier spy', if anyone is interestd, here it is:

Cesare writes three pages before he notices a shadow moving closer. The guitar squeaks as he drops his hand with an air of exasperation.

some days are all mondaysCollapse )

Cesare’s home isn’t a mansion, surprisingly enough. It’s pretty big for one person, and there are more flat screen TVs and Xbox-es than anyone really needs.

all I wanna do is to make a mess out of youCollapse )

The last time isn’t something Peter is particularly fond of remembering. Mostly because the devil riding shotgun is a shivering wreck, giggling maniacally whenever he’s not too busy trying to draw air into his lungs.

war of the foxesCollapse )


Spend your velocities (on backwards motion)

The day Cesare meets Micheletto, he puts a prop blade to his throat, scowling.

you know you're doomed when you start to write chaptered fics for a fandomCollapse )